Forging contracts with hellbeasts to fight other hellbeasts? There's an app for that.

And we thought the app market was dead. BECAUSE IT IS BECAUSE HELL IS DEAD HAHA GET IT.

I just got Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Recordbreaker (say that five times fast) and I have learned two things.

1. It's a 100+ hour PSA on the dangers of peer pressure.
2. Atlus thought it was too nice with the Persona series and decided now was the time to buttfuck you without lube.

Now, battles are tactic-y which I've never played before but it's not turning me onto the genre. If you lose you get a chance to start the battle over and keep all your EXP and skills from the battle you just lost. Neat!

Too bad if you lose AT ANY PART OF A MULTIPART BATTLE YOU WLL GO BACK TO THE FUCKING BEGINNING. That's not even mentioning if you need to turn off your DS and go to the menu screen, you lose ALL your EXP and skills. I found this out after spending a day and a half on one boss battle. And now I have to get a day and a half's worth of EXP again.

I know this is supposed to make the game difficult but there's a difference between difficult and infuriating. Can I say something nice? Sure so far I don't hate the characters but Daichi comes across as a less-likeable Yosuke and Io's tits are kinda scary.

These are legit the ingame sprites I shit you not.

Otherwise the characters are pretty interesting.

As a sidenote, am I really in the minority for liking Yosuke the best in Persona 4? Really? Guys, it's BROSUKE. C'mon!

I'll be diving back into this game tonight. Wish me luck!
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Adventures in Hentai getting a paintjob and moving!

Since LJ is kinda dead I'll begin crossposting all Adventures in Hentai posts to a brand spanking (o bby~) Tumblr blog dedicated to reviewing sexy things that are also wrong. It'll also be broken down into four categories;

Adventures in Hentai: What I've been doing, screencapping hentai games and mocking them.
Sometimes I Review Porn: The above but with horrible porno starring living breathing beings.
Playing Dirty: Sexual tabletop roleplaying.
Horrors of the Kink Meme: IT'S BAAAAACK.

And no, just because it's on Tumblr doesn't mean the censors are going away. I find them funny.
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AiH YAOI - Absolute Obedience: Out of everyone, it's the narrative PoV that gets buttfucked the most

Holy fuckballs it's been a while since I've done one of these Adventures in Hentai. And I'm pretty sure I'm stepping into zarla's turf because YOU ASKED FOR IT; I PLAYED THE GODDAMN YAOI.

This is less of a screencap adventure and more of "I actually got a reasonably compelling game and there were a few silly and soul crushing parts." This is also a hell of a lot more disjointed than my last Adventures in Hentai, so I'll break it down best I can. That isn't to say there isn't a more thorough breakdown of a mission! There is, I just need to prep it because it's pretty awful.


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Sometimes I Play Shitty Tabletop RPGs: Golden Sky Stories

This review is nonsensical froth. If you want the fleshy funbits, you should probably go read Nexus Academy's review. He did GM the damn thing.

I'm in probably the most incestuous tabletop gaming group ever. A player in one is a GM in another and vice versa and I GMed a game that a player made a sequel to so I'm playing in that. It's dice rolling cousin lovin' and it works out pretty well.

Occasionally the grand master of GMs, Tzelael, will go "HEY I FOUND THIS GAME. WE SHOULD PLAY IT BECAUSE IT PROBABLY SUCKS." To which we go "SURE WHY NOT." And that's how Golden Sky Stories entered the picture.

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I Went to Anime Expo and All I Got was Sweatstains and Bad Japanese Porn Games!

ANIME EXPO IS OVER AND I LOVE LAWYERS EVEN MORE NOW. I'm posting the shit out of the photo of my Athena cosplay looking swaggy as fuck between two Apollos. If I didn't ship it before I do now.

- MORE ONE FINE DAY IN NEVERLAND! A new villager has arrived and the Mayor has completed his shark dungeon! (Located on the first floor.) What is Tom's next move to overthrow the Mad Man of Neverland? Will Erik and the Mayor's bromance be enough to survive Tom and Butch's treachery? WILL DUSTER EVER KICK TOM OUT TO PROGRESS THE BLEEPING STORYLINE. FIND OUT.

- Adventures in Hentai: It's a Threesome! YAY!: Yes, Adventures in Hentai does not have just one, not two, but THREE new horrible hentai games lined up courtesy of the fine folks at J-List! No seriously, both the gentlemen that helped me pick new victims were beautiful souls that appreciate the art of mocking the shit out of these things (and threw in a third game free. What darlings <3)

On the chopping block for Adventures in Hentai is two that made it onto the poll for the next game and one newcomer the booth guy recommended. Now the three people who watch me. Decide your fate; which is the first game to take over Let's Meow Meow's place? (Not entirely, I'm just gonna pick scenes and cap those. Possible crossposting to weepingcock? You guys liked the last Let's Meow Meow post!)

Pick your poison! Which game is first?

Cosplay Fetish Academy: Not a lot of porn, outfits that defy logic and crotches drawn way too low.
Heart de Roommate: Childhood friend disguises you as a girl to move you in with her into her dorm. Proceed to bang the shit out of her dormmates.
Absolute Obedience: IT'S A YAOI. Join a revenge for hire agency, literally fuck people over. Artwork reminds me of Zetsuai but even MORE pointy.
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One Fine Day in Neverland 3: Wisdom from Beyond Neverland

Somewhere in the dead of night.
Outside your window right now.
One man is making a bid for power, a triumphant return to his seat of power to user in a new era; one under his benevolent dictatorship. The malevolent cat was not enough to keep down this eternally burning flame of creative madness.
That's right. The Mayor of Neverland has returned.
After some complications with the legalities of sharpies and white out and an excellent frame job by his feline nemesis, the Mayor was forced to go out on the lam. While away, he had time to think of the changes he would implement to his humble settlement. He came up with three. Coffeeshop napkins aren't big enough to fit more.
1. The museum shall be renamed the University of Minnesota Peter Graves Memorial Museum of Bullshit We Found in Our Town, despite the fact that Neverland is located twenty minutes outside of the most posh neighborhood of Coral Gables, Florida.
2. The town tune shall be the Soviet National Anthem.
3. The flag will be the Cutie Mark Crusaders cape.
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Join us next time as the Mayor furnishes his house, builds a room dedicated to the ideologies of Heaven's Gate, and spies on the budding romance of treachery and treason.
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Adventures in Hentai: Pick Your Hentai!

I'm still working on Let's Meow Meow slowly. Moving tomorrow and getting ready for a con so it'll be slower than it already is. But I got a start on the next part so yay! For the sake of time I decided I'm not going to pursue each character, I'll just pick one audience-directed path and roll with it.

Until then, pick the next game Adventures in Hentai will cover! Your choices are...

Cosplay Fetish Academy: Protagonist gets struck by a bolt of lightning and magically super skimpy boobs-running-free sailor uniforms are normal and accepted. Has more pasties than I've seen anywhere ever and the highest possibility of chaffing I've ever seen. Cameltoe out the wazoo.

My Girlfriend is the President: Aliens crash a UFO into the White House and kill the entire Japanese government, so they brainwash the world into thinking the protagonist's next door neighbor, typical hentai loli chick, is the president of the world. None of what I typed is wrong. Also, you can fuck female Vladmir Putin and a space ship in the form of a 14 year old girl.

Enzai - Falsely Accused: The only yaoi title on this list because JList is pretty sparse with yaoi. Post French Revolution murder mystery in a prison full of the worst yaoi people I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, this art is fucking awful you could run yaoihands off of it for at least five years. Lovingly nicknamed "Gay Miserables."



Cosplay Fetish Academy
My Girlfriend is the President
Enzai - Falsely Accused
Phoenix Wright: lol edgewright

Adventures in Hentai: Let's Meow Meow Part 3 - So When Do We Jerk Off?

This game has not defeated me yet. I refuse to let Let's Meow Meow be the one to take me out. I'm the Inigo Montoya of this situation, except this game didn't kill my father; it killed my hopes and dreams.
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With that stupid subplot over, hopefully we'll not see more detestable characters!
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I HONESTLY HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT HENTAI ABSURDITY. Part 3 is in the works, I'm just working on other shit. A lot of other shit. But here's what to expect in the future from Slaughterhouse Sue.

- Finishing at least one path of Let's Meow Meow. Ideally I'd like to do them all but there's only so much I can do before my soul will go on strike.

- Horrors of the Kink Meme should be a thing again? Dual Destinies is out and Ace Attorney fandom never disappoints with weird. I will admit I feel a little bad whenever I feature the Ace Attorney folk because they take their weird in stride unlike the slimy tarpit of slithering, chittering organic matter that is the Supernatural fandom.

- Hey by the way Dual Destinies, totally cool and all, but what the fuck is this everything Japanifornia. Can we talk about this. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT KLAVIER'S NOT GERMAN VOICE CHALLENGES MY LADYBONER.

- The Forbiden Fruit will return! I just need to find the file.

Ahem. Yeah, hentai and kink memes! On it like a handsy seme!
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